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Wish POS allows managing restaurant tables by defining floor plan and divided by zone.

1. Divide your floor plan by different zone and swap instantly

2. Define tables by zone and real time monitor tables' occupation status

3. Different table status are presented by different colour, say green = table idle yellow = customer seated blue = customer ordered red = served

4. Allow SPLIT, MERGE, or SWAP tables SPLIT = one table serve more than 1 party MERGE = 1 party allocate more than 1 table SWAP = customer seated and want to change table

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Floor plan, grey area define floor borders, objects and remarks, and draw tables' location, shape, and also remark tables' ID, default seats, and current customers seated of each.

Zone B, and there is no limit of zone number.

S = Time of customer seated

L = Last time reaction

B = Bill number

T07 table is spitted

[MERGE] = T01 and T02 are merged for same order

[SWAP] = T09 customer is swapped from T10

Green = Table idle

Yellow = Customer seated

Blue = Customer ordered

Red = Served

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